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It happens when you pick it up. You turn it from one side to the other, admiring the lines, the perfect exotic woods, and the incredible lightness. You draw it back and realize that it blurs the line between art and function - it fuses power with smoothness. In all the thousands of years of doing this very thing, admiring a well-made bow, perhaps it has never been this good.

There is a reason. All Bear's Paw Bows are custom built - for one person only - by hand, one element at a time. They are unique, designed to an individual's needs. The bowyer, Neil Jacobson, has hunted extensively with each model, and each custom bow is personally tested for perfect performance.

All Bear's Paw Bows have reinforced tips of antler, horn or mycarta. Recurves have a special wedge built into the limb tip - to maximize the flex in the power area of the limb. Risers are reinforced with accent strips, with an incredible array of contrasting woods available according to your tastes.

All bows carry a one year guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. They come with two hand made Fast-Flight strings and a bow stringer. (We recommend always using the stringer)


Bear's Paw Bows
Bear's Paw Bow


Our Name:

In the North-central part of Montana, rising high out of the Great Plains, are the Bear's Paw Mountains. (Yes, it is spelled like one bear's paw.) Like our company, this small range stands alone, apart from the ordinary. Every big game species of the Northern Rockies inhabits this place, a complete sampler of diversity and health - another parallel to Bear's Paw Bows.

The earliest inhabitants of the area, the Blackfeet and Gros Ventre people, saw the shape of the hills as the giant paw of a spirit bear, and used the tallest of these mountains as places for vision and clarity. Our commitment to perfection here at Bear's Paw Bows is driven by those same qualities.

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