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Bear's Paw recurve bows carry a grace and beauty that offer the ultimate in arrow speed and performance. From the first pull you'll notice a smooth, consistent draw, absence of limb vibration, and a quiet release that will make you never want to put it down. Sculpted from your choice of stunning exotic woods or engineered laminates, our risers are well balanced works of art and have been beefed up with and inlaid reinforcement accent to handle the extra energy produced. Bear's Paw recurves feature a tip overlay for extra durability and a positive string groove ending at an antler or horn tip. Ready for years of rugged us, recurves are available in either take-down or one-piece models. Each bow is equipped with two Fast Flight Flemish twist strings and a bow stringer.

One-piece Classics are a highly scuptured and stylized bow much like some of the bows from the past. With their crisp bold lines drawing your attention to the riser and the flowing curved lines that blend the pieces of wood together creating a bow that stands out in the crowd. Don't be fooled by it's classic beauty though, this bow is a true work horse. It's been field tested and used in extremely difficult and harsh hunts. This was the first bow to include the power wedge with such great results the wedge has now been incorporated into all one-piece recurves. This model is available in 60" and 62" lengths.

Classics - Take down model shown

The Classic Take-down recurve has a very solid well balanced riser designed to put more physical weight into the hand to improve accuracy. The grip fits perfectly in your hand, from the moment you pick it up the bow becomes one with your hand. With this design feature, the bow seems to actually help the archer shoot. It has earned the reputation of being the archer's best friend through it's unique ability to shoot accurately, quietly, and quickly. With excellent reliability and durability for those long hard hunts where you can't afford to have anything fail you. It is available in 58", 60" and 62". We have sold more take-down Classics than any other recurve we sell.

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